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Terms & Conditions:

The Ocean is an unpredictable & inherently dangerous environment.  Surfing is performed in that environment. A knowledge & acknowledgement of the dangers & unpredictability of the ocean & associated risk of injury to life, limb & equipment, by performing a recreation in this environment, is required before participating in the sport of surfing. Varying levels of “Ocean” knowledge & surfing skill levels are required to participate in “surfing” in a changing Ocean environment. In accepting these “Terms & Conditions” I confirm I have the required skill levels & knowledge to participate in the sport of surfing & accept all risk & responsibility.

As the nature of Global Surf Tutorials coaching is by “remote” & “detached” communication I relieve Global Surf Tutorials of all & any responsibility & liability in the event I incur any physical or psychological injury either to myself or others or damage or loss to my equipment & belongings or that of others whilst carrying out “surfing advice” offered by Global Surf Tutorials.

Global Surf Tutorials aim is to break down a Surfers individual ability to perform “surfing manoeuvres” & skill level by video analysis & offer advice tips & recommendations as to how the “surfer” may improve their performance of manoeuvres & skill levels. No guarantee of improvement of skill levels as a result of Global Surf Tutorials advice, tips or recommendation is implied or given.