How It Works

Video Analysis
Once you are a Member just upload your video clip of you surfing and our coach will review and give you expert technique coaching of your surfing, depending on what the coach sees as the best way to give you a review and feed back you may received verbal break down showing everything you need to know, or he may give a written description and direction on what to work on to enhance your surfing.

Upload Instructions
Once you sign up to your membership level you will receive a detailed email on how best to upload your Video Clip, we use DropBox as preferred method and this gives you the option to then re download the Analysed Clip once our coach reviews it, so you can save it and have it for reference before your next surf.

Equipment Review
The Coach will review your equipment and give feedback on what he thinks about your current surfboard choice and any recommendations for potential more suitable equipment to help you better your performance.



“Mick is a 5 star surfing coach. He has help me improve my technical surfing as well as my competitive heat strategies.
Mick is someone I highly recommend as a coach as his friendly precise approach will have you surfing better in just 1 day.
Thank you Mick for everything you have taught me I look forward to many more sessions.”

Luke Jensen. Brisbane, Australia

Technique analysis is done using Video or Imagery Break down of your surfing, once you subscribe to your level of membership then its time to upload a surfing clip for us to review and break down your technique and equipment, we will then send your clip back to you with both verbal and digital prompts. You can then watch this and take it into your next session.

When we coach in person a question we always ask is what are you trying to work on or enhance in your surfing? This could be anything from Wave Selection, Positioning, Bottom turns, Cut backs, Carves or Vertical manoeuvres all the way to aerials and Barrel riding.

Once we master how to stand up on a board and catch our own waves we then have so much more to learn to best enhance our time in the water, and this does not mean trying to make someone into a professional surfer, this technique coaching is a perfect tool to just make your time in the water and your wave riding more fun and full-filling. Our goal is to get you moving forward with Easy adjustments that will keep you smiling, and what a great way to challenge yourself.

If you have found your way here to Global Surf Tutorials its because you would like to improve and learn more about all things surfing and continue to push yourself more. Who doesn’t enjoy a challenge!

No matter what subscription you sign up for, its important to utilise the tools we have to help you with your surfing! Our experience with all manner of Equipment and Ocean knowledge we hope to equip you with some easy adjustments to work on when you go surf! So you need to get a camera and go get some footage of yourself trying to attempt the things in which you would like to work on with our coach. And remember like any skill you are trying to advance at, there is no substitute for time in the water. We also will have member only access to ways that you can help your technique on the land using things like skate boards or body movement.

This is one important element of technique coaching, theres so many different camera options these days, Go Pro, Video Cameras, iPhones, if you have a friend or partner that can film you then you are half way there. Even as a coach I spend days filming my fellow coaches and they film me so we can gain more knowledge about all aspect of our own surfing. So teaming up with a fellow surf friend or meeting other like minded surfers who wish to get some coaching then this platform will work well for you.

As we are based in Australia our Analysis will be in English both written and spoken word, for those who do not understand English we will use google translate where possible to offer you a more personalised service.