About The Coach

My name is Michael O’Rafferty, I am the Performance Surf Coach behind Global Surf Tutorials. I started surfing at the ripe age of 4, living across from the beach my brother and I were destined to spend our lives enjoying all of what Mother ocean provides, from Surfing to fishing, wake boarding, water skiing, my life has been spent enjoying the action and fun that water sports can offer.
Growing up as a competitive sponsored athlete, I was fortunate enough to work with the best technique coaches to enhance my performance both free surfing and competitively.
Having an older brother who would go onto joining the World Surf League and him have a successful 5 years on tour gave me a real back seat look at all things surfing performance, from technique, to strategy to fitness and health.
I spent years as Team and Promotions Manager for Rip Curl Australia and was able to be on the ground for Junior development and promotions of the surf, skate, wake and snow team. During this time I was fortunate to work with Surfers like Matt Wilkinson, Stuart Kennedy, Wade Carmichael, Richard Christie, Owen Wright, Nikki Van Dijk, Tyler Wright amongst a raft of other super talented Australian and International Athletes more so at their junior development stages, I was able to travel to all corners of the globe to assist and manage them in a range of waves and environments.
My passion has always been teaching or being in a position to give back knowledge gained during my years both participating in surfing on every level but also being able to watch and understand the various technique break downs to better enhance a surfers performance.
It’s been 34 years of constant learning and it’s still ongoing as i am lucky enough to work alongside some of the best coaches in the world at Surfing Australia High Performance Centre.
  • Qualified Level 2 Surfing Coach Surfing Australia accredited
  • Current Level 2 Skate instructors certificate
  • Current Level 1 Gymnastics Certificate
  • Current Senior First Aid
  • Current Apola Ocean safety Certificate
  • Current Working with Children Certificate

I also like to look at surfing as the ultimate form of release and meditation, it’s a unique sport and it’s no surprise why once we start we are addicted for life, with this platform i look forward to being able to personalise a coaching program thats both intuitive and full of progressive advancement to my clients world wide.